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Change your habits with language coaching and conversational English with a native speaker.

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Inner transformation is the most beautiful life journey one can experience. Being aware of yourself, your strengths, weaknesses and limiting habits is a huge step on the path of positive change. Working on any limiting factors is like a forge of iron, a place in your mind that you harden like a blacksmith and form into a familiar shape – an individual reborn, strengthened by self-awareness. Speaking English while working together is like a heavy hammer of analysis, which combined with the agility of psychological methods and techniques chosen during the session will result in a strong and healthy person. So strike while the iron is hot by choosing Conversations in English combined with language coaching.

Be the master of your fate, which will no longer be a limiting space, but an open unrestrained horizon full of healthy habits, inner harmony surrounded by healthy relationships and self-awareness.

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In any pursuit of a goal, awareness and consistency are important. These are the pillars that make success possible, also in terms of personal development. English language coaching is a great opportunity for psychological support, guiding you on the right path in life, discovering your potential and a completely new, positive perspective on yourself and your surroundings. Step by step and with stoic calm using effective techniques such as mindfulness or working with emotions, you will polish your new, healthy self. Language coaching in English is also a great way to integrate and discover the potential of employees, especially of an international nature. Language coaching sessions can take place online via Skype as well as on-site at my office or company headquarters. By choosing language coaching in English (Warsaw and online) you are opening yourself up to an adventure, leading to an extraordinary internal change, which will also translate externally.

I am a certified native speaker, therefore you can be sure that the English language coaching I conduct will take place not only with full understanding and openness to the other party, but also with attention to linguistic qualities, so that you get full satisfaction from the participation in a coaching session.

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If you feel that you have been struggling for a long time with a problem that makes it difficult for you to function normally. Relationships are hard for you to build on stable foundations and healthy boundaries, and additionally you have problems with self-esteem or anxiety disorders, I invite you to have an initial psychological consultation online or during a meeting in my office. Just send me an email or fill in the form available on the website and I will contact you. Remember, whatever problem you are facing, you are not alone, and an online psychological consultation is the first step to feeling better and living a healthy life.

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