Psychological support
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Psychological support, mediation, workshops and cosching for companies and corporate employees. Remote and on-site support.

Corporate psychologist

Support the creativity process

Creativity is an intrinsic part of the human mental process, which allows for the realization of idFei, ideas or self-expression through various creative forms of expression. However, this process can sometimes be disrupted, for example by low self-esteem, not knowing one’s full potential or blocking stress. Through group workshops for companies, together we learn the techniques of creative thinking and how to cope with stress, making us aware of our potential and how to use it effectively at work.

Group dynamics analysis.

Through an in-depth analysis of group dynamics, I observe group interactions and relationships, including in terms of collaboration. Thanks to this, I detail the roles of individual employees in the group and their mutual relationship to other group members. This allows me to estimate the team’s goals and their realization. Moreover, I notice employee competences and skills which are worth developing in the further workshop process.

Company mediation

I assist in resolving interpersonal conflicts, teaching how to come to an agreement on contentious issues, also on civil law grounds, often preventing legal action. In my practice, I maintain not only professionalism but also impartiality, striving for a settlement that is satisfactory for both conflicting parties.

Conflict Intervention interpersonal

Understanding the cause of interpersonal conflicts is fundamental to fostering their resolution. Through online courses or group workshops, I support, through various examples, how to act when conflict situations arise, so that the result is a win-win for both parties, not a lose-lose. By also presenting techniques to counteract the appearance of conflicts.

Team communication facilitation group

The pillar of good cooperation in a team is good communication between its individual members. Especially when the group is made up of very different personality types. During group workshops we learn various effective techniques of establishing relations and ways of working and communicating in a group, in order to achieve even better results and build healthy and good relations between employees.

Free association sessions and reflection for business operations

This is a very creative form of workshops, during which I use all kinds of associations, games, brainstorming, daydreaming, and even the method of free writing. Everything to stimulate the creative potential lying dormant in every individual. It is a great form of motivation and creative development, in which the maximum potential is used.

Individual coaching

It is an adventure into transformation, unknown corners of the mind and dormant potential in every person. During coaching sessions, we define the goals to achieve and the methods that will support the patient in achieving them. It’s also looking at yourself and your life from a completely different, fresher perspective and being ready to make real positive changes for an even greater sense of satisfaction.

Coaching individual English

People who are foreigners or work in an international company can get one-on-one coaching fully in English. This is a great opportunity to develop and broaden your perspective about yourself and reality. Guaranteed to enter completely new lands of self-awareness and discovery of one’s own potential.

Group coaching

Working in groups means not only building self-confidence, especially through public speaking, but also opening up to completely new possibilities. During the workshops, using techniques such as mindfulness or managing emotions and one’s own potential, I create conditions that enable discovering new horizons within oneself.

Group coaching in English

Integration of the international environment through coaching workshops is a great way to build interpersonal relations within the company. It allows not only learning to work in a diverse group, but also to consciously set goals and achieve them by fully exploiting the individual potential of each group member.

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