Kacper Stengert

Psychological help and psychotherapy.

I help you improve your quality of life and overcome challenges.


With my help
you will get:

  • In my work I use many modern and effective techniques of working with emotions, self-restraint or mindfulness control. This allows me to achieve inner harmony when working with an individual patient.
  • Multiple collaborative opportunities beyond traditional psychotherapy, finding the method that works best for you to improve your quality of life
  • Good personal and professional relationships, based on communication and healthy boundaries
  • Reliable knowledge that broadens your awareness of your body and emotions through the use of online courses and workshops


Let's get to know each other

I am Kacper Stengert
psychotherapist, psychologist and coach

I am happy to welcome you to my home. Let me briefly tell you what I do. As a psychologist, psychotherapist and specialized coach, I provide psychological support to companies and individual clients. In my work I put not only a lot of commitment and passion, but above all focus on continuous development, so that my services, and thus the psychological support online or in the office, was as effective and satisfying as possible.

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If you feel that you have been struggling for a long time with a problem that makes it difficult for you to function normally. Relationships are hard for you to build on stable foundations and healthy boundaries, and additionally you have problems with self-esteem or anxiety disorders, I invite you to have an initial psychological consultation online or during a meeting in my office. Just send me an email or fill in the form available on the website and I will contact you. Remember, whatever problem you are facing, you are not alone, and an online psychological consultation is the first step to feeling better and living a healthy life.

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