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Psychoterapia warszawa online

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Are you interested in an online psychological consultation? Are you wondering how much it costs to visit a psychologist? Or maybe you just need periodical psychological support? Would you like to improve interpersonal skills of your employees? If you answered yes to the above question, you have found yourself on the right website. Using the contact form, write to me to arrange a psychological consultation, during which we will thoroughly analyze your problem. By filling out the form you can also use the opportunity to make an appointment for group workshops and psychological support for companies. So see you online or in my office.

Call me

Don’t want to wait for an email response? Need quick psychological help or an appointment for crisis intervention? Contact me by dialing the phone number available on the website to make an appointment or receive an initial psychological consultation right away. If you need time to organize workshops for your employees based on mindfulness techniques, interpersonal relationship building and stress management – I look forward to hearing from you.

Visit me (or make an appointment)

Do you prefer the traditional form of contact? Online psychological consultation is not an option? Would you like to take advantage of psychological support for companies? I invite you to one of the four offices located in Warsaw, where I work:

  • MyMood Mindcare – ul. Migdałowa 10/U6 
  • Przystań Psychologiczna – pl. Konstytuacji 46 
  • Instytut Psychoimmunologii – ul Sułkowskiego 9 
  • Warszawskie Centrum Psychoterapii – al. KEN 47

To schedule an appointment, simply use the contact form or call us.

How can you contact me?

With the client’s comfort in mind, there are two ways to contact me directly to make an appointment or receive remote psychological help. The first form is a contact form, in response to which you will receive an email or I will contact you by phone, and the second form is a direct phone call to the office. You decide which option is the most comfortable for you.

Online sessions - what messengers are they on?

During the session or online psychological consultation I communicate with the patient using Skype. At the client’s request, a different online communicator option may be selected to conduct an individual therapy session.

See my profile at:

I communicate using:

Where in Warsaw can you meet me for an appointment?

For day-to-day appointments at my office, you can schedule directly through the form or by phone. The offices are located in:

  • MyMood Mindcare – ul. Migdałowa 10/U6
  • Przystań Psychologiczna – pl. Konstytuacji 46
  • Instytut Psychoimmunologii – ul Sułkowskiego 9
  • Warszawskie Centrum Psychoterapii – al. KEN 47

With foreigners in mind, it is also possible to make an appointment for a psychological consultation online, also in English.

Client Parking.

For clients coming to visit by their own car, it is possible to park the car in the vicinity of the centers.

Access by public transportation in Warsaw.

Patients who commute by public transportation from downtown can take the subway or public transportation with transfers to all four centers.


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