Psychological support
and psychotherapy online


Psychological support

Psychological help online and during sessions directly in the office is one of the options available to patients who would like to strengthen themselves and thus ensure better health, life and interpersonal relationships. The first step to diagnose the problem and choose the best path of therapy is a psychological consultation. 

Over the Internet, by phone or at an appointment, I analyze the problem with which the patient is struggling during a conversation and present him or her with psychological support options. Depending on the diagnosis, online psychological support can be short or long-term. For patients who prefer direct contact with a therapist there is a possibility of sessions in the office in Warsaw.

For whom is online psychological help
a good option?

As Carl Jung, a leading psychiatrist and psychologist, used to say – People can only get healthy if they get out of the mire of everyday life. And this is exactly how patients perceive their ailments, as if they were metaphorically stuck in a place from which they cannot get out. Fortunately, there is no way out. Psychological consultation allows me to diagnose the patient in terms of disorders, anxiety, mental illness, trauma, negative patterns, the aftermath of a crisis situation, and to learn about the reasons for specific conditions, choosing a specific method of assistance. Any patient opting for online psychological support will get the option of crisis intervention, counseling, psychotherapy, depending on their need. Psychological support via the Internet is a good solution, especially for people who are not mobile or would like to get help without being in Warsaw. I also provide crisis consultations for companies, mentoring and language coaching in English.

How does psychological help
via the Internet look like in practice?

Online psychological help is one of many ways of providing assistance to patients struggling with various mental ailments. Individual, couples or corporate psychological support via the Internet is practically the same as the traditional form of assistance, except of course for the way of communication. During the session the patient receives the same psychological support as in the office. Such online psychological consultation, psychotherapy or mentoring for companies is a convenient form that allows you to avoid commuting. What in practice allows you to get the necessary help, anywhere and at any time. Online psychological support in the form of language coaching in English is also a great solution for people staying abroad or who are foreigners looking for psychological help

How long does psychotherapy last online?

Online psychotherapy takes the same time as psychological consultation or therapy in a traditional stationary form. Usually these are cyclical hourly meetings, and the duration of each therapy depends on the patient’s attitude and progress. Psychological support via the Internet is usually short-term, preferably involving meetings once a week for up to 3 months, or up to a year at the longest. Long-term online psychotherapy, during which we work through deep-rooted patterns, disorders or recurrent depressive states, can last from a year to several years. The relationship between patient and therapist is also important in the work, which will allow for gradual success.

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If you feel that you have been struggling for a long time with a problem that makes it difficult for you to function normally. Relationships are hard for you to build on stable foundations and healthy boundaries, and additionally you have problems with self-esteem or anxiety disorders, I invite you to have an initial psychological consultation online or during a meeting in my office. Just send me an email or fill in the form available on the website and I will contact you. Remember, whatever problem you are facing, you are not alone, and an online psychological consultation is the first step to feeling better and living a healthy life.

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